This is how many cars Tesla sold in 2021

You must not have missed it, the year 2021 has ended a few days ago now, an opportunity for web giants and other companies around the world to take stock of the year that has barely passed. This is obviously the case with the giant Tesla, which has just revealed the number of vehicles sold in 2021, and if the progress is more than palpable, the American group is close to a magic score.

The million! The mill … oh well no

Indeed, if Tesla had delivered less than 500,000 vehicles in 2020 (499,550 to be precise), the manufacturer saw its sales explode in 2021, since 936,172 electric cars were delivered. It’s almost double compared to last year, but just as the brand was close to half a million in 2020, it is close to one million in 2021.

Model 3 Tesla 2020

© Tesla

The figures unveiled by Tesla also show that the Model S and Model X did not unleash the crowds in 2021, with deliveries that were halved, and “only”24,964 vehicles sold. Obviously, it is the Tesla Model Y and Model 3 that allowed the manufacturer to shine in 2021.

In the last quarter of 2021, Tesla delivered a total of 296,850 Model 3 / Y, compared to 11,750 Model S / X. Throughout 2021, 911 208 Model 3 / Y were delivered. Excellent numbers for Tesla, especially considering the chip shortage that has plagued the auto industry, and which has even led Tesla to ship some cars without any USB port on board.

Despite excellent sales, the year 2021 was complicated for Tesla, with in particular many delays (we obviously think of the Cybertruck), price increases always complicated for customers to accept, not to mention some reliability concerns that resulted a massive vehicle recall in December. Remember that this is still not a reason to detonate your Tesla Model S with dynamite, as this Finnish customer did recently.


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