this index allows you to know if your account has been hacked

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp accounts remain prime targets for hackers. And it is therefore necessary to know how to prevent any hacking. With their social dimension, these accounts can indeed help hackers to more easily deceive your contacts in order to scam them.

However, between connected applications and the possibility of staying connected on several devices simultaneously, Facebook and Instagram in particular offer real, fairly discreet attack surfaces that hackers can exploit as they please. Facebook nevertheless allows you to quickly review these authorizations and thus block hacking attempts by these means.

How to check that a Facebook account is not a victim of hacking

facebook check anti hacking

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For it :

  • Open Facebook on your smartphone
  • Go to the menu at the bottom right
  • Go into Settings & Privacy > Settings > Password & Security

Review the section Where you are logged in. We recommend that you touch See everything to be sure to consult the most complete list of connected devices possible. Then delete any devices/connections you don’t recognize. If you see logins that seem strange to you, it could be a sign that an attacker has taken steps to prepare a stealth takeover of your account.

Also review connections to third-party apps:

  • Open Facebook on your smartphone
  • Go to the menu at the bottom right
  • Go into Settings and Privacy > Settings
  • In the section Permissions go in Applications et sites web
  • Review the list of associated apps, especially those labeled Asset is attached
  • If necessary remove all associations that you do not recognize, or do not use

If you believe your account has been hacked, you have several options. The first thing to do, after reviewing device logins and app associations, is to change your Facebook password and enable two-factor authentication, which makes unwanted login attempts significantly more difficult.

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An assistant available at the bottom of the page Settings & Privacy > Settings > Password & Security also allows you to review all recent edits and posts to at least partially catch up on any effects of a hack.



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