this film co-produced via NFT is invited to the Cannes Film Festival

Eric Judor, Kev Adams, GIMS, Dadju, Rayan Bensetti, or even Camille Lellouche, the cast of the animated film PLUSH is very promising. Its financing project is very innovative. It gives pride of place to NFTs, the “mint”, which can be acquired at a price of 1250 euros per unit.

For this price, the buyers will receive on a pro rata basis 80% of the profits generated by PLUSH at the global box office. In terms of the calendar, if the film enters production before the summer, we should see it tumbling into dark rooms around the end of the year celebrations in 2023, with a reversion for “mint” owners in 2024.

NFTs that come to life in PLUSH

Another particularity of this initiative: the participants should have a say in influencing the direction of the production and in particular its screenplay. All this will make PLUSH the first film co-produced in NFT.

We can also see that the synopsis is also centered on NFTs:

The Teddy Bears NFTs come alive and come to life in a feature film that will feature on one side an individualistic and greedy bear unaware of the consequences of his way of life on the planet, on the other, a community close to the nature that will eventually be perverted. These two worlds meet for a common purpose: to react to the environmental emergency. It is together and in solidarity that they will increase their impact and be able to take up the challenge.

And the least we can say is that the team behind this project handles the art of marketing wonderfully. PLUSH is thus omnipresent at the Cannes Film Festival with numerous posters. A promotional clip was even broadcast on social networks on this occasion.

It will be interesting to see how the rest of this production unfolds, and whether or not the idea of ​​bringing NFTs into the seventh art appeals to the public. Note that cryptos are starting to be used more and more in the world of cinema. We recently talked to you about the KlapCoin project, this cryptocurrency sponsored by the famous French director, Claude Lelouch. The idea is in particular to finance the development of new feature films which sometimes lack the means to get started.


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