This Beaver Was Found Guilty of a Massive Internet Shutdown

It is a rather unusual story that occurred on June 7 in Canada. In the British Columbia region, a massive Internet outage impacted a large number of customers for almost 8 hours. The culprit has just been identified and it is actually quite unscary and rather cute, since it is a beaver.

A gang of beavers attacking fiber optics

The animal thus made its way up a tree, which then fell on a line of electric cables and another fiber optic installed along a road. The power outage was very modest, but the inconvenience for Internet service subscribers was far greater.

Quoted by CTV News Vancouver, Bob Gammer, the head of BC Hydro, the company responsible for the production and distribution of electricity in the region explains as follows: It’s unusual, but it happens from time to time. I wouldn’t be rich if I had a penny for every beaver breakdown, but it does happen. »

Despite himself, the animal caused real nuisance for the inhabitants. Especially since, as explained by this merchant consulted by our colleagues: “ Nobody has any more cash on them “. Therefore, transactions in the service station where he works were difficult that day.

Recognizing the region’s vulnerability, Prince Rupert Mayor Lee Brain announced the change. A second fiber optic line will soon be installed to connect the region to Vancouver. He promises thus: If a tree falls again, we will all have internet access thanks to the line coming from the ocean ».

This is not the first time that a beaver has caused an Internet outage in Canada. Last year, the town of Tumbler Ridge suffered a 36-hour outage after several rashes attacked the town’s fiber optic cables. The fact that the cables were placed in a thick conduit and underground did not prevent this group of intrepid animals from taking action.


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