These Blackout features would be ideal for Warzone

After giving a brief return to Call of Duty’s first Battle Royale, Blackout, streamer FaZe Swagg felt that two major features of this game should be integrated into Warzone.

Before players jumped into Warzone for the first time, many had already experienced Call of Duty’s first Battle Royale, Blackout.

In this game, the buying stations did not exist, the Gulag was not there, and the gameplay as a whole was totally different from what we know today.

And recently, famous FaZe streamer Swagg decided to pick up on that first CoD BR, and he was quickly surprised at how totally different this game is from Warzone.

Call of Duty Blackout

While Blackout was not as successful as Warzone, there were many elements of this Battle Royale that were popular with players.

However, after playing multiple games, he quickly remembered how some specific Blackout mechanics were absolutely awesome.

Although different developers are now working on Warzone, Swagg would like them to take inspiration from the old BR.

During his first game on Blackout, Swagg recalled how much fun fighting underwater can be.

I actually like submarine combat.” did he declare. “I think it’s awesome. It’s another dynamic that I think absolutely should be in Warzone.

During that same game, Swagg stumbled upon a piece of equipment that also made him nostalgic. While flying through the sky to reach the top floor of a building, the streamer totally became a fan of the grappling hook.

I forgot that… this thing is fire! I think the grapple should definitely be in Caldera. It was so satisfying. We can do crazy things with that.

While overall Swagg’s experience on Blackout has been very positive, all is not perfect. From shotguns and questionable audio, to the obvious exclusion of the Gulag, a lot has kept this Battle Royale from being “better than Warzone” in its eyes.

While many streamers and gamers complain about the current state of Caldera, these two elements could well be a step forward in moving things for the better on Warzone.


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