The Xbox app for PC will finally let you choose the installation folders

Like other stores, what …

It looks like Microsoft or finally listening to PC players. A big update of l’application Xbox will finally allow users to choose freely the installation folder of their games.

We still do not understand why Microsoft absolutely insisted on using the same system that its Store to manage games facilities, because the practice did not really work for the user: the files were hidden, and appropriate administration rights was likely to break his Windows installation.

It was quite possible install mods until now, but only the application was able to give the necessary rights… And only on certain games. In the next update to the Xbox app, access to the file will be much easier, although the option would not be available for all titles

Little by little, Microsoft also seems to want to correct other major Xbox app issues, to start with downloads who should be faster and more reliable. The general user experience should also be improved thanks to a redesign of the catalog which will make it easier to find upcoming games. What’s more, play via the cloud finally benefits from its own separate tab.

This update of l’application Xbox expected to roll out in the coming weeks, but it is possible to download the Xbox Insider Hub app to test these new features now via a test version.


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