The Witcher season 2: Netflix finally unveils the heroines of the series!

To the delight of fans, Netflix features the two heroines of the series The Witcher while waiting for season 2!

As the second season of The Witcher is set to launch, Netflix continues to unveil unpublished images of the different characters. Yennefer and Cirilla thus strike a pose in sublime settings! MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

Cirilla and Yennefer pose

The Witcher is a medieval fantasy series created by the very famous American screenwriter Lauren Schmidt Hissrich. It’s about a adaptation of the Polish literary saga The Witcher written by Andrzej Sapkowksi.

It is broadcast on Netflix from December 20, 2019 and very quickly meets with enormous success with users. And for good reason !

The series has absolutely everything to please. Sublime scenery, frenzied battles, betrayals and monsters of any kind, once launched, impossible to pick up.

She therefore stages Geralt de Riv, a tormented Wizard whose destiny is to protect Princess Cirilla. At the same time, we follow the adventures of Yennefer, a magician with a heavy past …

And to the delight of many fans, a second season is about to emerge! It will thus be broadcast from December 17, 2021 on Netflix.

For the occasion, the video-on-demand giant then unveiled new images of the characters. After Geralt de Riv, women are in the spotlight !

Yennefer thus appears with loose hair in a dark forest, while Cirilla holds her sword in both hands in the midst of ruins.

The second season of The Witcher announces great things! MCE TV tells you more.

The Witcher season 2: Netflix finally unveils the heroines of the series!

The star of The Witcher

If The Witcher series is so successful, it is also and above all thanks to its colorful cast. Hard to beat !

We thus find the young British actress Freya Allan as Princess Cirilla. Anya Chalotra plays the role of Yennefer de Vengerberg.

Behind the charismatic Geralt de Riv hides the very famous 38 year old actor Henry Cavill. Yes, you did hear… The great class!

The public knows him in particular for his role as Superman in Man of Steel, or that of Sherlock in the excellent series Enola Holmes.

With over 17 million subscribers on Instagram, he comes across as one of the most popular British comedians from the moment.

Nothing seems to be able to stop it! Henry Cavill thus connects the projects, but above all, the very big successes. It must be said that he really has a lot of talent.

Thereby, his many fans admire him and therefore do not hesitate to let him know. They can’t wait to find him in season 2 of The Witcher!

So we make an appointment December 17, 2021 on Netflix. See you soon !


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