The Weeknd teases his strange new clip “Gasoline” on Instagram!

Less than a week after the release of his new album Dawn FM, The Weeknd is about to release the music video for his new single, Gasoline.

The Weeknd hits hard for its comeback! After the release of his new album Dawn FM on January 7, the Canadian artist is about to release the music video for her third single, Gasoline. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

The Weeknd unveils their new album

In early 2020, The Weeknd exploded in the eyes of the whole world with his fourth solo album, After Hours. An opus carried by many singles, among which Heartless, Save Your Tears and Blinding Lights !

This last track was even an unprecedented success. Indeed, it is about the first song in history to spend more than a year in the Billboard Hot 100 Top 10. Likewise, it’s the most listened to track on Spotify in 2020. Just that!

Two years after this dizzying success, The Weeknd is back with a new solo album, his fifth already, titled Dawn FM. The artist from Canada has therefore taken his time to offer his fans an album worthy of his predecessor After Hours!

According to the criticisms of the public and the press, the 31-year-old singer has won his bet. Released on January 7, his new album was indeed unanimous!

Worn by famous featurings (Lil Wayne and Tyler The Creator), as well as a narration by actor Jim Carrey, this new record from The Weeknd is darker than the previous ones. And that obviously seduced the public!

After promoting Dawn FM with two debut singles, the canadian artist is now continuing his momentum. He is preparing to unveil the clip for his third single, Gasoline !

On Instagram, The Weeknd unveiled this Tuesday, January 11 an extract of his next clip as well as its release date. MCE TV tells you more!

The “Gasoline” music video is coming soon

Last August, The Weeknd unveiled the very first single from his new album, Take My Breath. The singer had also released the clip of this unreleased track the same day!

Once again, the superstar had been a resounding success. The title was thus classified in 6th place of the Billboard Hot 100. But also and especially in the Top 10 in twenty countries around the world. Respect !

On January 7, 2022, the day of the release of his new album, The Weeknd then had unveiled with great fanfare the second single, Sacrifice. A huge box there again!

Less than a week after the release of Dawn FM, the Canadian artist is now preparing to launch the third single from the album, Gasoline. A song that will be accompanied by a clip!

On Instagram, The Weeknd therefore unveiled this Tuesday, January 11, an extract from this next clip as well as its release date. Scheduled for dawn with our American friends, this new video looks very strange!

In the excerpt shared by the star, fans were able to discover a scene that was very special to say the least. A car accident, ants, a jammed car radio… The cocktail promises to be special!

It will therefore be necessary to wait a little longer before discovering the new clip of The Weeknd in full. And dive once again into his unique universe!


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