the top gift ideas (at a knockdown price) for Christmas

Black Week at Cdiscount is the week when you can get the most bargains. The prices are slashed on the occasion of Black Friday, which allows you to do your Christmas shopping at very advantageous rates. To help you in your process, here are some ideas for Christmas gifts that could please all audiences.

1) A Velobecane electric bike

Velobecane is a French brand known for its excellent electric bikes. At the moment, Cdiscount offers several models in stock and at mini prices as part of its Black Friday. For example, there is a model with 26-inch wheels that provides 26 kilometers of range. As a reminder, these bikes push you up to 25 km / h but they are limited beyond that.

As car traffic becomes more and more complicated in big cities, this alternative is effective. It will not transport you like a scooter, so it also ensures you a minimum of sport every day. The frame is made of steel (with high carbon content) which gives you more lightness and which ensures better handling.

This Velobecane is priced at 599 euros instead of 1199 euros. With a subsidy of almost 400 euros in Paris, this electric bike can almost be free if you take it now at Cdiscount.

I take advantage of the offer

2) Apple headphones at a discount

To continue in the good deals category, there are the Apple headphones. AirPods 2 are 114 euros instead of 179 on the Cdiscount site. If the AirPods 3 came out a few weeks ago, this does not take away the charm of the AirPods 2. Moreover, the price difference (199 euros for the AirPods 3) does not seem justified to us. These older models are excellent on all levels. However, they don’t have the active noise canceling that you’ll find exclusively on AirPods Pro.

For a little over 100 euros, these are excellent headphones that will keep you going. Note that you have more than 20 hours of autonomy with small tips. The storage box also acts as a load. It will be necessary to charge the latter by a cable which is provided.

I take advantage of the offer

3) The Switch with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

In our guide to Black Friday bargains at Cdiscount, there is also necessarily this excellent pack which includes the games console and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. As a bonus, you also have two steering wheels which will be very useful for playing this duo car game. You will also receive 3 months for the Switch Online subscription. Everything is sold for 279 euros instead of 369. We highly recommend it before the stock is out.

The Nintendo Switch console will be one of the bestsellers in its class for Black Friday and Christmas. With the consoles from Sony and Microsoft being out of stock, all attention will be focused on the Nintendo handheld console. It is a console that comes in addition to the other two and which allows you to play in public transport for example.

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4) A portable ACER Nitro gamer

Want to treat yourself (or someone else) with an ultra-powerful and rugged computer? On the home page, Cdiscount displays an extra deal on a 15.6-inch ACER Nitro model. It comes with an Intel Core i5-10300H processor, 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of SSD storage. There is also a GTX 1650 graphics card that provides very good graphics on all games.

At the moment, this computer is available for only 599 euros – which is extremely low. In terms of value for money, we do not do better. But beware, the stock could go very quickly. Note that Cdiscount also offers you on all its products the possibility of paying in 4 installments free of charge. This amounts to 153 euros per month for 4 months for this ACER computer.

I take advantage of the offer

Whatever Christmas gifts you intend to give, know that Cdiscount offers you 14 days of withdrawal. It starts from the moment you receive the package at your home. If you are afraid of making the wrong choice, then you can always send it back afterwards. With the intensity of Black Friday, you have to know how to hurry and that is why Cdiscount offers you this safety net.


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