The ten most powerful Warzone weapons of Season 5

Don’t know which weapon to use in Warzone? Then you have come to the right place. Discover now the ten best current weapons of season 5.

The Warzone meta is constantly evolving. As the seasons go by, players have gone from sniper rifles equipped with thermal goggles to pump shotguns that fire flaming bullets to tactical Black Ops Cold War rifles.

Although some weapons are still used regularly by players (especially sniper rifles) others are emerging based on the various updates.

Players must therefore quickly find alternatives to these weapons. And thanks to stats from WZRanked, we know the 10 weapons that currently have the best K / D in Season 5.


The OTs 9 is Warzone’s best close range weapon.

Since the launch of Season 5, the meta has undergone a number of changes. The mid-season update notably upset the balance of some weapons with the Krig 6 nerf that dominated long-range combat.

In order to replace this weapon, the best choices currently for long-range duels are the MG 82 and RPD machine guns or the C58, EM2 assault rifles.

The CR-56 AMAX also seems to be making a comeback, as does the AK-47 from Cold War which comes very close to the version of the AMAX when that weapon dominated the meta.

The OTs 9 still remains a viable submachine gun in Battle Royale, even after the recent nerfs this weapon has suffered.


The 10 best weapons of Warzone Season 5 in terms of K / D.

Cold War’s TEC-9 and MP5 are the other two submachine guns at the moment due to their damage and mobility.

Finally, the K31 Switzerland completes this ranking. This sniper rifle has surpassed the iconic Kar98k in the sniper hierarchy in recent weeks.

Of course, these stats will change as the game’s meta evolves.


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