the South Korean series would be a plagiarism?

Ah, the joys of popular series… Since its release on Netflix on September 17, Squid Game is at the heart of all discussions of series fans. Real cardboard, kdrama is even on the way to becoming the most watched series of all time on the streaming platform. In short, it is a real consecration for South Korean production.

Only who says popularity also says that every detail of the series has been scrutinized. Thus, Internet users have highlighted the fact that Squid Game would only be a vast plagiarism of a Japanese film. Oops ?

Squid Game: plagiarism game or not?

Upon its release, critics of the South Korean series did not hesitate to point out to anyone who wants to hear it that Squid Game nothing original. But she never claimed otherwise. Indeed, this kind survival with normally harmless children’s games clearly did not appear in 2021. But we already knew that.

Thus, many have compared the South Korean production to the manga that gave birth to the series. Alice in Borderland on Netfix or in the film Battle Royale. But the platform itself presented Squid Game like a clever mixture of these. So far, so good.

Where it gets stuck is when internet users reveal enormous similarities between Squid Game and a Japanese film, and a priori, not just in the concept. Indeed, the user @ Fra77777777 on Twitter has put elements of the two fictions side by side. And indeed, seen like that, the verdict seems final.

The film in question is called As the Gods Will, Where Kamisama no iu tōri in its original version, and was released in 2014 in Japanese theaters. The principle, as in Alice in Borderland, Battle Royale Where Squid Game is the same: you have to choose between playing and dying.

The “big” resemblance between Squid Game and As the Gods Will, it is in particular the deadly game “One two Three Sun” with a master of the game out of the ordinary. On one side, the macabre doll with twirling eyes and on the other, a daruma, a symbolic Japanese papier-mâché doll, killer. It is true that the first test in Squid Game marked the spirits and traumatized us of a game however innocent at the base.

Just add digital clocks and two similar plans to cry plagiarism on the web. Well … as we said, Squid Game did not claim to invent the genre.

For watching the trailer for As the Gods Will, the resemblance ends roughly there since the film does not seem to bet on realism, a strong element in Squid Game. But we let you judge for yourself.

Squid Game creator denies any plagiarism

With a series under all the limelight, the creator was obliged to express himself on this subject. Thus, Hwang Dong-hyeok denied having plagiarized the film As the Gods Will. Indeed, he would have started to floor on Squid Game in 2008, making it relatively difficult to plagiarize a work released in 2014.

That said, the South Korean creator admits having been inspired by various manga to create Squid Game. And that’s almost normal. He notably drew his inspiration from the manga Tobaku Mokushiroku Kaiji by Nobuyuki Fukumoto. But as pointed out earlier, Hwang Dong-hyeok never claimed to have invented this kind of plot.



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