the screenwriter explains why the film will be special

In less than a month, on December 22, Matrix Resurrections will mark the great return of the saga to the cinema. While a fairly successful trailer has garnered genuine interest from fans, many are wondering what to expect from this new installment. Is it more of a sequel to the first three films, a prequel that will teach us more about the origins, or a simple reboot to relaunch the franchise?

“This film subverts the rules of blockbusters”

As one can imagine, the members of the production are kept silent, but a certain teasing begins to take place nonetheless. Screenwriter David Mitchell was interviewed by the Greek newspaper To Vima. If he can not say too much, the author has provided some answers:

I saw the film in Berlin in September. It’s really good. I can’t tell you what this movie is about, but I could explain what it isn’t. It’s certainly not another sequel, but something stand-alone that however contains the three Matrixes that came before it in a truly ingenious way. It is a very beautiful and bizarre creation. He also does a couple of things that you don’t see in action movies, that is, he subverts the rules of blockbusters.

To conclude, David Mitchell confided in the details that led him to collaborate on this new feature film: “ Lana and Lilly Wachowski adapted in theaters, in collaboration with Tom Tykwer, my novel Cloud Atlas in 2012. Then we collaborated on the series Sense8. Their parents died a few years ago within months of each other and Lana, in her grief, had an idea for a new Matrix. When she revealed it to me, I immediately happily agreed to contribute to the script. »

The countdown is now on and there are only a few weeks of patience before you can find the adventures of Neo, Trinity, and Morpheus on the big screen.


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