The reboot of Saints Row is confirmed with an explosive trailer

The rumors were right: Volition is working on un reboot de Saints Row, the title that opened the Opening Night Live of at Gamescom 2021.

The very short gameplay teaser who followed the announcement cutscene confirms an open world action game well less wacky that the last entries of the franchise, but who intends to keep a light atmosphere between two criminal misdeeds.

In this reboot, the Third Street Saints are now only 4 and start at the bottom of the ladder, but the ambition to take control of Holy Unharmed stay big. The player and his gang will then have to face various competing and unique gangs which separate the city.

In this world plagued by crime and power-seeking factions kill each other, a gang of young friends who have started from scratch embark on their own criminal adventure for fame and success.

Experience the best and most expansive playground ever created for Saints Row. The unique and sprawling world of Santo Ileso serves as the backdrop to this immense wild sandbox. Use weapons, vehicles and wing suits to rise to the top in thrilling ops, criminal adventures and high-caliber missions.

You play as the future boss. Alongside Neenah, Kevin and Eli, you train the Saints and attack the Panteros, Idols and Marshall by expanding your empire through the streets of Santo Ileso to gain control. Basically, Saints Row traces the story of a start-up, except that the Saints operate in crime.

Casually, the release date is not that far away: February 25, 2022 on PC, consoles Xbox and PlayStation.


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