the reasons and the new launch date

In June, during its annual WWDC conference, Apple unveiled its new operating systems, iOS 16 and iPadOS 16. And if we believe Apple traditions, these two new OS should be launched this month of September, after the formalization of the new iPhone.

However, a new rumor indicates that this year the new versions of iOS and iPadOS may not be launched at the same time. In a recent article, Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman, a source who is generally very knowledgeable, indicates that while iOS 16 will normally be released in September as planned, iPadOS 16 will be delayed, and will not arrive until the month of october.

Apple would need more time to develop multitasking features

According to Gurman’s sources, this is caused, at least in part, by new features developed by Apple to boost the multitasking capabilities of the iPad. Among the novelties of iPadOS 16, there is a function called Stage Manager, which allows you to open several apps at the same time and resize them as you would on a computer screen. Many bugs were reportedly found in these new multitasking features during beta testing.

Apple would thus give itself the time to perfect iPadOS 16. On the other hand, this would also allow the engineers of the firm to focus on the development of iOS 16, which will have to be included in the iPhone 14 which will normally be released in September.

As for iPadOS 16, it will have to be ready for new iPad Pros that could use the new M2 chip, as well as a new iPad with USB-C port, which Apple will release later.

But as usual, since this information does not come from an official source, caution is still in order. Besides, even the Bloomberg article indicates that Apple’s plans could still change.

The good news is that the American media ensures that only iPadOS could be delayed. The new version of macOS should be released on time, and the new version of watchOS would still be scheduled for September.

As a reminder, in addition to the new iPhones, Apple could also lift the veil on new Apple Watch watches during its September keynote. The firm would prepare the Apple Watch 8, a new version of the Apple Watch SE, as well as an ultra high-end connected watch which would be a bit like the iPad Pro, MacBook Pro and iPhone Pro for this market.

Will Android 13 also be delayed?

Otherwise, the info from Bloomberg falls while recently, we also mentioned a possible delay of Android 13, the new operating system which is under development at Google. While many observers were hoping for a release this August, a release in September is now more and more likely.

In addition to developing Android 13, Google is also preparing the launch of its new iPhone competitors, the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, a connected watch, as well as a new tablet.


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