The price of GTA the Trilogy remaster is already raging fans

Rockstar Games has formalized the release of the remaster of the famous Grand Theft Auto Trilogy but the first rumors of the price of this trilogy are already talking.

Famous Grand Theft Auto developers celebrated GTA 3’s twentieth anniversary in style, while announcing the Definitive Edition of the GTA Trilogy. They promised modern gameplay, improvements for old and new generation consoles so gamers can revisit iconic cities from the series once again.

However, you clearly shouldn’t expect this trilogy to be free. You will have to save several tens of euros before you can buy this edition, the price of which has already leaked according to some resellers.

GTA Vice City remastérisé
YouTube : DubStepZz / Rockstar

A modern version of Vice City has already been made by modders on GTA 5.

Considering that the games featured in the remastered trilogy are decades old, fans expected the price to be matched. But obviously the first prize announced clearly did not please the fans who reacted on Twitter.

“€ 70 for PS2 games that are 20 years old. Rockstar has gone mad ”

“I will abstain for the price… I will surely take it cheaper when it is on the Facebook marketplace”

“So I hope these are good remasters and not just the old graphics only in 4K resolution.”

For the moment, we do not really know what the remastered games of this trilogy will look like, Rockstar Games should do everything not to disappoint the community which will have paid the cost to replay these games that have become legendary.


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