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This year, Apple is expected to abandon the “Mini” iPhones and offer an iPhone 14 Max instead. Indeed, compared to the other models released in 2020 and 2021, the iPhone 12 mini and the iPhone 13 mini, its compact flagships, do not seem to be selling very well.

On the other hand, the Cupertino company should not abandon the iPhone SE. Moreover, this first half of 2022, it should even release a new model: the iPhone SE 3.

And according to a newsletter from Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman, Apple is already preparing the presentation of this new affordable smartphone. More exactly, it indicates that the Cupertino company would organize a virtual event (the first of the year) in March or April. And during this event, it would present at least the new iPhone SE.

Still the same design, but with a new technical sheet

Previously, sources had indicated that the new iPhone SE could have a more modern design, close to that of the iPhone XS. But recently, analyst Ming Chi Kuo released a note stating that ultimately the iPhone SE 3 should have the same old-fashioned design as its predecessor.

This is now corroborated by Mark Gurman, who indicates that the iPhone SE 3 will have the same iPhone 8-style design (with borders and a home button) as its predecessors.

Nothing new, therefore, as regards the exterior. Still, Apple’s new mid-range smartphone will certainly have the same processor as the iPhone 13, which will be a mark of power.

And above all, the iPhone SE 3 should be the first affordable 5G smartphone from the Cupertino company. This device will allow Apple to be more competitive, while manufacturers of Android devices already offer many affordable smartphones, but with 5G.

Many Android users might switch OS

For Apple, it is just as important to retain customers as it is to steal it from its competitors. And precisely, the iPhone SE 3 could allow the firm to attract a large number of new customers.

Indeed, its affordable price allows the firm to target people who are not interested in its flagships. However, given that the iPhone SE is equipped with premium processors, these have performance comparable to that of high-end models (the concessions are made at the level of the camera, design, screen etc. )

Moreover, a few weeks ago we relayed very optimistic predictions concerning the ability of the future iPhone SE 3 to attract users of Android devices. Indeed, in addition to being an affordable 5G iPhone, it will also benefit from Apple’s trade-in programs, which could lower the price to $ 269 in the United States.

And if you are interested in an affordable iPhone 5G, but not in the compact format of the future iPhone SE 3, know that according to some rumors, an iPhone SE with an XXL screen could be launched later. According to some sources, this device will be launched in 2023.

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