The PlayStation Studios family expands with Firesprite, specializing in VR

250 employees, all the same

With the new generation of consoles, it’s a bit the corporate buyout war for Microsoft and Sony, although the manufacturer of the PlayStation 5 denies playing this little game. Hermen Hulst reveals at Games Industry that the Firesprite studio is about to become a PlayStation studio in its own right.

Founded by veterans of Psygnosis (which became SCE Studio Liverpool before being closed in 2012), this acquisition finally makes sense, since Firesprite participated in the development of The Playroom and The Playroom VR, in association with Team Asobi.

Rather focused in virtual reality and with a big experience with the PSVR, it is clear that the British studio will help Sony to develop VR games for the needs of his next headset designed for the PlayStation 5. Indeed, there would be no question of making a support studio, says the boss of PlayStation Studios, unlike Nixxes whose acquisition was aimed primarily at carry titles on pc.

This is the right time for them to join us and double the projects we are jointly leading, solidify our relationship and give them a better place at the table where we have a formal knowledge exchange with other studios. They already have strong ties with some proprietary studios, but I want to make it clear that we want them to lead the development of multiple game projects, rather than helping other teams, even though they’ve collaborated with us before. . As Firesprite has grown and evolved, we believe it’s a role he’s now ready for, developing exclusive games for PlayStation Studios.

Thereby, Sony continues to invest in studios that have been collaborating for a while, such as d’Insomniac Games (Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart), Bluepoint Games (Demon’s Souls), and the latest: Housemarque (Alienations, Returnal).


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