The Partner Track (Netflix): Arden Cho coming soon to the series?

According to our colleagues at Melty, Arden Cho could well land a role in the new series of Netflix “The Partner Track”

You are Arden Cho fans and watch very often Netflix ? The news that will follow should therefore delight you. Since the actress would have landed a role for a project on the streaming platform, The Partner Track. Moreover, a lot of information has just fallen.

We are looking for fans of La Casa de Papel

But before talking about the actress, let’s go back to the other project of the American giant. The one to find the biggest fan of The Money Heist. Indeed, you are not unaware that the series of Alex Pina just uploaded part 1 of season 5.

Well, a lot of things flow from that. Let everyone be reassured, we are not going to spoil anything in this article. However, we advise you to see the series rather quickly Netflix in order not to learn things that you did not want while browsing the Web.

To come back on special research, what does it consist of ? The streaming platform revealed all the information in a video posted on Twitter. By first letting it know: “We are actively looking for the go-to fan, the ultimate fan. “

Before adding: « Whoever knows each character and would have everything to be part of the gang. You think you are the biggest fan of France, our eyes are now on you ”. But this selection is not easy.

Indeed, the fans in question will have to answer 20 questions which may seem surprising and which few people remember. Like the Professor’s car model in the first season… Yes, a few big fans know it, but very few.

In any case, this “call” from Netflix concerns those who know the series inside out. And if some people prefer projects with Arden Cho, don’t panic, good news also concerns her as we let you know above.

The Partner Track (Netflix): Arden Cho coming soon to the series?
The Partner Track (Netflix): Arden Cho coming soon to the series?

Arden Cho in “The Partner Track” on Netflix?

Because yes, our colleagues from Melty have just announced excellent news. News letting it be known that the actress could be part of a new project of the American giant. Entitled “The Partner Track”, this series is based on a novel as the media points out:

“This show is based on the eponymous novel by Helen Wan, released in 2013 ”. Melty, giving more info on the series Netflix to come by explaining first: “It will feature Arden Cho as Ingrid Yun. “

Before adding: « an idealistic and intelligent young woman. Who wants to be the first Asian-American junior associate of Parsons Valentine. A prestigious law firm in Manhattan. “ To finally conclude:

« As Ingrid negotiates and pushes her way through these structures of male power, she struggles to remain true to herself ”. A series which promises us nice surprises and which will deal with the problems of current society.

However, we do not have any information on the release date of the series. Netflix. The casting is almost already completed, we can hope for an arrival at the end of 2022. Or, at the latest, in 2023.