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In the middle of the year, RED by SFR announced a first “RED Deal”. The latter allows you to obtain a free smartphone for any subscription to a package at home. From a value for money perspective, the deals are just unbeatable. The first three deals that took place were taken by storm: they disappeared even before the official end of the operation.

Today, we are entitled to a new RED Deal which concerns this time on the Oppo A94. This mid-range smartphone is available everywhere at a price of 319 euros. As part of this offer, RED by SFR gives it to you for free. You therefore make a gigantic saving of the same amount, this product being sold new in a 128 GB version. It is one of the most beautiful (and the most expensive) devices put forward by the operator since the start of this RED Deal .

To get the free Oppo A94, it’s here:

I take advantage of the RED Deal

The mechanics of getting a free Oppo A94 are very simple. In return, you will need to subscribe to a mobile plan at home over a period of 24 months. It’s not a subsidized plan, and the unlocked smartphone is yours unconditionally. You can very well decide to resell it immediately and collect the profit to finance your mobile subscription. Below, we explain everything to you.

We invite you to be reactive on this offer with Oppo A92 because the stock is limited. It is probably the RED Deal that is the most attractive in terms of price. You have an unbeatable offer on a recent product that already offers excellent value for money.

How to get an almost free plan?

Before going into the details and the technical characteristics of the smartphone, let’s first see why this RED Deal is interesting. As we said above, it will be necessary to subscribe to a package over a period of 24 months. The latter includes all unlimited calls, SMS and MMS, 100 GB of data in France and 13 GB in the EU for 15 euros per month.

This is already a first discount compared to the official price of this package which is displayed at 20 euros. It is therefore cheaper – and as a bonus you will receive a free Oppo A94 as a bonus. Over 24 months, the cost of the mobile subscription is 24 x 15 euros = 360 euros. In return, you therefore receive an Oppo A94 smartphone worth 319 euros.

If you do the subtraction, the real cost of this subscription is therefore 41 euros (or 360 – 319 euros) for 100 GB over 24 months. In the end, it is therefore a package that will cost 1.70 euros per month over the entire period.. For this, you will have to resell your new smartphone on resale sites like Le Bon Coin for example. No one does this well.

For the record, it is the most expensive smartphone that has been integrated into a RED Deal. For example, the previous operation involved a reconditioned iPhone 8 in fair condition (price of 180 euros). This new Oppo A94 is very popular, there you have a real chance to get it in a very favorable package. If you decide to resell it, you will have no trouble finding a buyer.

I take advantage of the RED Deal

Why choose this Oppo A94?

As you can see in this article, we were won over by this Oppo A94 5G. For less than 400 euros (and free at RED by SFR), it’s really an excellent mid-range smartphone. It has a 6.43 inch AMOLED display with a rear part that does not leave fingerprints. We also like the size / screen ratio which is 90.8% – which is excellent.

There is a quadruple photo sensor on the back (48 MP wide angle, ultra wide angle, macro and monochrome) which is among the best on the market. In terms of value for money, you will not be able to find better anywhere else. This Oppo A94 really ticks all the boxes with a convincing Mediatek Dimension 800U chip for the mid-range. Note the compatibility with the 5G network for those looking for speed.

Clearly, this RED Deal on the Oppo A94 is a great deal. If you want to save money, you won’t have to wait. If the operator posts the end of this operation on October 18, it will never last that long. For those who are lucky enough to do so, take the opportunity to buy it now. Either way, you have 14 days to change your mind and get a refund.

If you are with another operator and you migrate to RED by SFR, the procedure is simple. You will simply have to ask for your RIO code on 3179 (free call) to facilitate the transfer procedure. This will allow you to keep your phone number. You can then take advantage of this mobile plan on the Oppo A94 as well as on any other smartphone at your disposal.

It is also recalled that the Oppo A94 comes with a 2 year warranty. It will be delivered to you upon subscription, either at home or at a relay point. In both cases, delivery is free. In the end, the SIM card will cost you 1 euro, the telephone is free and your first month is priced at 15 euros. For a first payment, it will therefore be necessary to take out 16 euros in all. This is a pretty crazy offer, everything could disappear in a few hours.

To learn more, it’s here :

I take advantage of the RED Deal

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