The new The Witcher trilogy finds its director

Everything remains to be done, so

News from CD Projekt is quite busy at the moment. While the Polish studio recently revealed its many projects in preparation, between Cyberpunk 2077 sequel and remake of the first The Witcher, an important figure from CD Projekt Red is emerging to direct the new The Witcher trilogy : the former animation director Sebastian Kalemba.

Sebastian Kalemba represents the typical story of a cog in the machine that succeeded in work your way up as projects progress. Originally hired on The Witcher as an animator, The Bible was given more responsibility for le DLC Hearts of Stonebefore becoming Animation Director on Blood & Wine. A position he would later hold on Cyberpunk 2077which had nevertheless been able to offer particularly immersive first-person phases.

Unfortunately, this news will not be an opportunity to learn more about the new The Witcher trilogywhile today’s news suggests that its development is just beginning. All we know is that the first visual du prochain The Witcher represents a medallion of the school of the Lynx, a school of witchers which is not mentioned in the books d’Andrzej Sapkowski. In fact, many believe that the story told will take place in a future more or less close to the geralt de riv sagawith new elements, starting with the (or?) protagonist.


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