The mysterious lunar habitat was in fact only a rock… in the shape of a rabbit

The Japanese rover had captured a snapshot showing what appeared to be a structure taking the form of a small cabin. Some observers thought that this was an extra-terrestrial habitat …

The Chinese rover Yutu 2, designed initially to operate for only 3 monthsContinues his exploration of the dark side of the moon, and since 3 January 2019. He also traveled more than a kilometer in the last three years. This one spotted for the first time a distant and pixelated shape during the 36th lunar day of the rover on the far side of our satellite, which ran from late October to early November.

The lunar rock in question - Credit: Ourspace / CNSA
The lunar rock in question – Credit: Ourspace / CNSA

A report from Ourspace gave the object the provisional name of “mysterious hut”. The image aroused the interest of the whole world, many speculating – most often with humor – that it could be a alien habitat. Thus, this same report indicated that Yutu 2 was going to deviate from its trajectory. to take a closer look at this mysterious structure. Ourspace noted that the rover traveled about 100 meters in order to approach the enigmatic object.

Yutu 2: a very useful little rover

So, as can be seen in the image dressing this item, it is actually a simple rock. And if this one has the originality of having the shape of a rabbit, it is in no way a cabin built by extraterrestrials. However, this slight disappointment for SF fans remains to be put into perspective. Indeed, Yutu 2 is a very innovative rover, and this in many areas.

Indeed, Yutu 2 scanned the lunar surface using its ground penetrating radar in order to establish a reconstruction of rock layers under the lunar surface. The small rover also sent a significant amount of impressive images of the far side of the Moon, so far almost unexplored. Since the dark side never faces the Earth, communications are facilitated by a relay satellite in orbit around a Lagrange point located beyond the Moon.

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