Home Technology The movements of an NYPD vehicle were spied on with an AirTag

The movements of an NYPD vehicle were spied on with an AirTag

It’s a small business that could make a big splash. Officers from the notorious NYPD discovered that an AirTag had been placed under one of their patrol vehicles! In other words, one or more villains were able to know the exact location of said vehicle, and thus commit theft outside the patrol area! The NYPD car was patrolling the Queens borough of New York City when the prop was eventually discovered. The latter was taped under the vehicle and placed inside a small plastic bag. New York City Police have not released any details on how they discovered the AirTag, and at this time the perpetrators of the mischief have yet to be found.

It is quite possible that the presence of an unreferenced AirTag was notified by the Location app, but we do not know more for the moment. Martine Materasso, the boss of the NYPD quickly communicated on this subject with the police officers:“Please maintain a heightened state of vigilance, in light of the anti-police sentiment we have seen not just here, but across the United States. Keep protecting each other and be safe. »


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