The Medium: The Bloomer Team’s new big project introduced

The Medium

The Medium: The Bloomer Team’s new big project introduced.

After the commercial success of The Medium, what do the Bloober Team teams intend to offer? Details are meager for now, but the first job offers are surfacing.

If its history dates back to before the 2010s, the Bloober Team’s fame was specially made with the first Layers of Fear published in 2016; in the skin of a mad painter, it was a question of finishing his masterpiece.

Therefore, the studio is more strongly in the horror genre. The years follow with the releases of the dystopian Observer, Layers of Fear 2, Blair Witch, then The Medium on January 28 on PC and Xbox Series.

In this psychological thriller, a medium progresses between the world of the living and the spirits. The Polish company’s biggest project to date sold enough within a day of its release to cover all production and marketing costs.

As a reminder, it is priced at 49.99 € but is also available in the Xbox Game Pass catalog, which has more than 18 million subscribers.

With expectations already met, Bloober Team is attacking a “new big project.” On the networks, we relay job offers, including one looking for a programmer specializing in combat, “both melee and remote.”

Therefore, the first clue on a product that could deviate from the leak’s usual operating mode is a constant in the games previously published. As for the atmosphere, regulars should not be disoriented; another Concept Artist offering is looking for a “horror enthusiast.”

In a recent interview with VG247, producer Jacek Zieba was in any case very evasive about the content of the next title, still evoking the possibility of a sequel to Observer, returned to the front of the stage in November 2020 with the next-gen System Redux version.

In this popular production, we play Daniel Lazarski, a neuro-investigator played by the late Rutger Hauer (Blade Runner) tasked with digging into suspects’ memories and fears.

“Maybe Observe 2 or maybe … we still wonder. So we are not closing any doors, but for now, we can only say that there will be darkness behind those doors.” Stay tuned for the next update.


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