The Marseillais: why Louboutin no longer appears on the show?

A war between Louboutin and the Marseillais? In any case, the luxury brand refuses to see its shoes on the W9 show.

The war dates from 2018. But it remains up to date… The candidates are not allowed to wear Louboutins in the Marseillais! The luxury brand has indeed demanded to stop plans on its famous red soles. MCETV explains everything about it!

A brand image to keep

Because reality TV candidates know how much a brand’s image can count. We can thus think of Shauna Events. Because Magali Berdah’s brand, lost credibility after several reports on her.

So when a luxury brand is at the heart of certain plans reality TV, she doesn’t like it too much. This is how Les Marseillais were banned from wearing Louboutin shoes during filming. Because the brand has had enough.

The famous luxury designers have thus contacted the company Banijay Production. They have demanded to stop seeing red soles on air. While Jessica Thivenin once accused Louboutin of taking the case to court, nothing happened.

More the company that produces Les Marseillais had to give guarantees. In an article from Parisian, the house wishes to explain its position. But also to give his point of view after the murderous stories of Jessica Thivenin.

« Maison Christian Louboutin has not taken any legal action. Nor against the production company Banijay. Nor against any of the participants. » writes the brand in 2018. But the production house was still entitled to a call to order.

The Marseillais: Louboutin banned

The fashion house has thus reminded “good practices regarding the use of its brand. Especially when it is used without his consent. » Mostly “in the context of television programs. »

It must also be said that Les Marseillais have sometimes given rise to scandals. Recently, Vincent Shogun has thus swayed on drug use on set. The creators of Louboutin have therefore avoided getting involved in this kind of business.

A big fan of the brand, Jessica Thivenin had nevertheless cried out her despair on the networks. « That we no longer have the right to wear them, I find it pathetic. Because you have to be someone to wear your pair of shoes? If you’re not a model, you don’t have the right? »

The Marseillais then had perceived this ban as a lack of respect. “You don’t have to be a baker. You don’t have to work in the factory. And don’t do reality TV. So what should we actually do? You have to tell us! » A rather violent attack.

But faced with Louboutin’s decision, W9 and the production house had to bow. Since 2018, candidates no longer have the right to appear, a pair of Louboutins on their feet. A ban quite easy to check!

While some stars – even from reality TV – sometimes appear in Louboutin, no question for W9 to display red soles at the feet of the candidates. With the programmed end of the showthe problem should no longer arise!


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