The Marseillais: Paga was almost interned because of depression!

During a live Instagram, Paga (Les Marseillais) confessed to his fans that he had almost been interned because of a big depression!

A few years ago, Paga (Les Marseillais) went through a very dark time. At the heart of a terrible story, he also had a lot of trouble recovering from it. He also had a terrible depression.

Paga (Les Marseillais) has lived through very difficult times

It’s been some time now that Paga (Les Marseillais) spin the perfect love with Giuseppa. If the two had periods of doubt, they finally managed to pass this milestone. As a reminder, they kept on

Indeed, while all the fans of Paga (Les Marseillais) and Giuseppa looked madly in love, they learned that there was . On the island, the young woman revealed that she no longer wanted to pretend.

She explained to the other candidates that she did not feel happy with her darling. She explained that they didn’t do much together. For her part, Giuseppa confessed that she dreamed of visiting the world.

The beauty wants to go on a trip, while her darling seems much more of a homebody. She also criticized him for always staying with his friends. Unspoken words that shocked the principal concerned.

And for good reason, Paga (Les Marseillais) did not expect his darling to settle his accounts in the Apprentis Aventuriers. During the adventure, the two

Giuseppa took time to reflect on his relationship. But also to his desires for the future. After a few weeks, she finally gave a new chance to her darling. A real happiness for the latter.

“Started having dark thoughts”

If Paga (Les Marseillais) seems to be on a little cloud lately, this has not always been the case in his life. During a live organized with his fans during confinement, he had made shocking confidences.

After having lived through a very difficult period, Paga (Les Marseillais) explained that he had almost been interned. He had said: “I got up in the morning. And I started to have dark thoughts..

Before adding during the live: “I was just crying. I just wanted to sleep. And I asked myself existential questions. My brain, it was disconnecting. I was brooding« . He also consulted to get out of this very difficult period.

The Marseillais candidate admitted: “I had times when I wondered what I was doing there. I saw a psychiatrist. He said to me: ‘Either you take pills. Either we you internal in a month‘ ».

Greg’s best friend had then decided to take the pills to get out of this period. He also confessed: “I don’t even took in filmingnobody knew “.

A real shock for his fans but also some of his friends who were not at all aware of this story. From now on, Paga (Les Marseillais) also hopes that he will not relive this period again.

It’s because of a dark story that caused a very big depression. To be continued !


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