The Marseillais: Maeva Ghennam makes fun of her mother on Instagram!

On social networks, Maeva Ghennam (Les Marseillais) did not hesitate to make fun of her mother after the big blunder she made!

A few days ago, Maeva Ghennam (Les Marseillais) found herself around a very big bad buzz. The reason ? Her mother shared on her social media. She then confessed that she had not done it on purpose.

A big blunder

The mother of Maeva Ghennam (Les Marseillais) shared on social networks. And the least we can say is that she really hurt the reality TV candidate.

In tears, Maeva Ghennam (Les Marseillais) swung: “I swear to you, I have too many nerves against my mother. She posts pictures, she hasn’t even looked. But please, don’t even start rotating the picture« .

Before adding: “She didn’t do it on purpose. I hate her too much. I swear. Listen, I didn’t sleep very well because I had a stomach ache compared to what happened yesterday”.

The young woman also explained: “I’m with my mother but she didn’t do it on purpose”. For her part, Salya spoke. She recounted: ” It was not on purpose. I was disturbed, I had not slept« .

The mother of Maeva Ghennam (Les Marseillais) revealed: ” I was tired. And you also told me: ‘Come on, let’s go’. And I posted I didn’t even look, so I don’t pay attention. Frankly there I will not take it again! Never again ! ».

In Touche pas à mon poste (TPMP), columnist Magali Berdah also spoke after this big blunder by Salya. She had confessed: “His mom blames herself and she felt guilty”.

Maeva Ghennam (Les Marseillais) kindly makes fun of her mother

The columnist of Touche not at my post (TPMP) also continued: “She was going to a funeral, she rushed out and she didn’t think it through and post it fast. Maeva (Les Marseillais) called me. And she was in crisis« .

Maeva Ghennam’s friend (Les Marseillais) announced: “She was in a crisis of sadness (…) When you show a part of yourself, ok… But when you don’t decide! (…) She makes a “ .

Now, the reality TV candidate has decided to come back to this case. But this time, she showed humor. Indeed, she shared a new photo of her mom in Story of her Instagram account.

Maeva Ghennam (Les Marseillais) has also highlighted her mother. But this time she showed her fans that she was not not present in this famous photo. One thing is certain, she preferred to laugh at this little bad buzz.

If the young woman also had a lot of trouble forgiving her mother after her big blunder. But now it seems like ancient history. She now prefers to laugh at this situation.

It remains to be seen whether his mother will speak after this little touch of humor. One thing is certain, Maeva Ghennam (Les Marseillais) and Salya have an incredible relationship. They are very close to each other and do not hesitate to show it on social networks.


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