The Marseillais: Julien Bert evokes the miscarriages of Hilona!

On his Instagram account, Julien Bert, candidate of the Marseillais, has just reacted to Hilona’s remarks about her miscarriages.

They are no longer together but that doesn’t mean they hate each other. Especially since Julien Bert and Hilona experienced a dramatic moment. Indeed, the two candidates from Marseille could have become parents but fate decided otherwise. This Tuesday, June 21, the young man reacted to the words of his ex on this subject.

Two miscarriages for Hilona

A few days ago, it was Shanna who aroused the excitement of her community by announcing terrible news. This one announcing that one of her twins had been diagnosed with Down syndrome. Following this news, the young woman made the decision to stop her heart.

But a few months before, it was another candidate from Marseille who had to face a complicated moment. Indeed, as we told you above, Hilona has twice lost a child. In any case, this is what she announced on her social networks.

« We lost a child twice and I actually blamed him. I thought it was his fault because it was in relation to what we were arguing about when it was normal. She explained in a Youtube video.

Before adding: “In the end, it completely destroyed me and that’s when everything fell apart because I couldn’t get over it”. This hard period did nothing to help his couple. And that was a major cause of his breakup.

Despite everything, the Marseillais candidate was able to move on. Indeed, she explained, still in the same video, that she seemed happy right now. On the other hand, no clue about a possible new boyfriend.

Maybe in the next few days, she will lift the veil on this mystery. As for Julien Bert, he has just reacted to the video posted by his ex. The young man wanted to provide some additional information.

Julien Bert of Marseille reacts to the video of Hilona

The one who would have lied a lot to his ex gave himself up with an open heart a few hours ago. He also wanted to thank Hilona for speaking. Because thanks to this “no one will be able to judge” their relationship according to his words.

As relayed our colleagues from Nextplz, the Marseillais candidate first let it be known: “I wouldn’t express myself anywhere else. I hope that now no one will say anything bad about our relationship or will judge her because it’s in the past”.

Before adding: “It’s behind us and me first, I wanted to keep this for us. I know that, in the end, no one understood why, in the RDM, there was so much mystery surrounding our breakup… And you tried to smear us multiple times”.

The Marseillais candidate pointing to certain bloggers: “especially pseudo bloggers who do not knew nothing of our real life (…) Because we didn’t want to say anything about it and so we were making up all the rumors in the world. And it was a bad time”.

Now that everyone is aware, the young man no longer wishes to discuss this story. We hope that at present, the two exes have been able to turn the page and are happy despite this difficult ordeal.


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