The Marseillais: fans have entered Thibault Garcia!

While Thibault was simply planning to go home, the famous Marseillais found fans in his living room.

If the Marseillais can benefit from a great notoriety, this exhibition can sometimes prove to be complicated to manage. Indeed, Thibault had to deal with fans that are a little too intrusive. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

The Marseillais are wildly successful

Impossible to miss the famous Marseillais. Indeed, since their arrival in November 2012 on W9, they are wildly successful. And yes, they meet with crazy notoriety and can count on the support of their loyal fans.

It must be said that the Marseillais leave nothing to chance. Known for their fiery personality and outspokenness, these never go unnoticed. Indeed, when they think something, they say it.

If the stars of W9 do not cease to be noticed on the small screen, it is nothing next to social networks. And yes, over time, these have established themselves as real stars of the Web. They then share their life and do not hesitate to open the doors of their intimacy.

This is the case for example of Maddy who shares her pregnancy every day. Very close to her fans, the Marseillais candidate never forgets to let her feelings be known. Thereby, she looked back on her last ultrasound.

For her part, Jessica Thivenin seems a pro of social networks. Very active on his account, she often makes big revelations on Insta. Something to delight the most curious Internet users.

If this notoriety can have many good sides, the Marseillais also have to deal with excessive behavior. Thereby, Thibault found fans in his living room. MCE TV tells you more!

@vdmofficiel La VDM de @Thibault Garcia ! 😂 #dubai #intrusion #vdm ♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

Thibault finds fans at home

Since his revelation in the Marseillais, Thibault Garcia finds himself in the spotlight. Indeed, very quickly, the young man was able to count on the loyalty of many fans. If at the start he was only a reality TV candidate, he is now at the head of several companies.

And yes, since his first appearance in the Marseillais, the young man has come a long way. Now a resident of Dubai, he seems to be having the good life. Between his business which is doing wonderfully and his two children in good health, he is on cloud nine. And that’s not to mention his marriage to Jessica. Whether they had some difficultiesthey are now more in love than ever.

In short, everything seems to be going well for Thibault Garcia. And yet, he sometimes has to face difficulties related to his notoriety. For the TikTok VDM account, the latter then returned to a crazy anecdote.

Indeed, the Marseillais star confided: “Today I am quiet at home in my garden and suddenly, I go into my living room, there are six chicks. (…) Hello, we came to ask you for a photo. (…) At home, in my living room. »

Before adding: “I told them ‘we have to leave now, you’re at my house’. ‘Ah that’s how you welcome us’ they replied. I told them ‘go quickly’! »

One thing is certain, the Marseillais have not finished getting noticed. To be continued.


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