The many changes of No Man’s Sky Frontiers revealed in a trailer

Available today on all platforms, Frontiers will allow explorers to discover small settlements inhabited by NPCs, always generated procedurally. By doing good deeds, it will be possible to become the supervisor of these facilities, with the possibility of enlarging them via over 250 new construction parts.

The settlements start out small and modest, with a sparse population and only a few buildings scattered around their inner city. Choose what to create and provide resources to construct new buildings and transform this dilapidated collection of dwellings into a thriving city! Different types of buildings influence the growth of your colony. Build farms and factories to increase productivity, or choose to prioritize the comfort and recreation of your citizens with a more relaxed approach to border life.

Frontiers promises that NPCs will each have different personalities and will live routines of life depending on the accessible buildings. As a supervisor, you will sometimes even have to play mediators by settling disputes and disputes. A happy and active population will grant you a constant flow of interesting resources.

These new features are precisely accompanied by a redesign construction menus, with a hundred decorative elements additional to satisfy all your desires. Obviously, sentinel drones will come to attack your installations from time to time, enough to multiply combat scenarios. Besides, not bad visual effects of all kinds have been improved.

Frontiers also begins the launch a new season of expeditions. These missions with sometimes obscure objectives will always bring exclusive rewards. Moreover, it is now possible to take advantage expedition rewards from one platform to another by uploading them to the cloud, with the number local backups passing from 5 to 15.

As a reminder, if available on PS4 and PS5, No Man’s Sky is still playable via le Game Pass Xbox et PC.


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