The Mandalorian: a video game is in development, the crazy rumor

Series The Mandalorian, broadcast on Disney +, may well have its derivative video game. According to an often well-informed insider, such a game is indeed in development.

The Mandalorian
The Mandalorian – Disney + Credits

Fans of the excellent series The Mandalorian – and more broadly from the Star Wars universe – will be delighted. According to Nick Baker (Shpeshal Ed on the networks), a insider from the world of video games, this project is already in development. This Australian journalist is also famous for his leaks.

The Mandalorian game may be in development, but not announced

Nick Baker has an eye, since it all started when he thought you saw a Funko The Mandalorian figure on a shelf behind Phil Spencer during a videoconference. The latter is the director of the Xbox branch, and is known to disseminate items that serve as clues for future games or announcements. In 2020, he had already placed an Xbox Series S behind him for maintenance, without anyone realizing it, and this, months before the announcement of the new console from Microsoft.

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Nick Baker had therefore tweeted that he had seen this figure, and that “qSomeone is developing a game, but I don’t know who yet ”. Except it was actually a figurine from the Halo universe… So the reporter deleted his tweet.

But’insider did not stop there, sincehe claimed in a new tweet that there would be a game The Mandalorian. He apologizes for the error and adds: ” Maybe I just said something I wasn’t supposed to say yet ”.

This information is therefore absolutely not confirmed from official sources.. Nonetheless, Nick Baker’s leaks are generally reliable. When will the announcement of a Star Wars The Mandalorian video game? Presumably, if nothing has been revealed yet, the project must be in its infancy.


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