The Lord of the Rings: Amazon explains why it will be the most expensive series of all time

A The Lord of the Rings series is currently in production by the giant Amazon. The filming of the first season will have cost the colossal sum of 465 million dollars. Asked about the “why” of such a sum, the director of Amazon Studios, Jennifer Stalke, explained in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

Lord of the Rings on Amazon
The Lord of the Rings, the upcoming series on Prime Video. Papergeek editing

It’s almost four years since Amazon announced a new series adapted from the Lord of the Rings franchise. Destined to break all records – and in particular the success of Game of Thrones -, the series is extremely expensive to produce. In fact, almost $ 465 million have already been spent by Amazon and just for the first season, which was supposed to cost just $ 200 million. Stretched over five seasons, the series was originally supposed to cost $ 1 billion in total. But why the shooting of the series The Lord of the Rings, by Amazon Studios, cost that much?

Amazon speaks out on the colossal cost of The Lord of the Rings series

Jennifer Stalke, the director of Amazon Studios, spoke about the budget of the series at the microphone of our colleagues from The Hollywood Reporter. « Jennifer, reports say the show’s first season budget will have cost $ 465 million, making it the most expensive show ever. What does such a price reveal in today’s market and what justifies it? Asked the interviewer.

Here is the response from the director of Amazon Studios. ” The market is crazy, as you saw with the deal on Knives Out 2 and 3 She began to explain. In fact, Netflix paid $ 469 million for the two sequels of the first film, starring Daniel Craig. A crazy market, propelled by multiple lockdowns and growing needs for entertainment. “ It’s going to be a full season, for a huge show, which involves building a whole world. She added.

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Before coming back with a crazy budget from the Serie. “ Such a cost can make for a sexy title that’s fun to click online, but behind that number reveals the infrastructure of everything that will support the series. “Indeed, remember that the Amazon series will be spread over five seasons. And above all, that it will exceed all ambitions, according to the actress playing Galadriel.



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