The Lion King: 3 crazy theories about the famous live action on Disney+!

Released in 2019, the live remake of the film The Lion King arrives this July 29 on Disney+. The opportunity to discuss 3 crazy theories around the film.

This Friday, July 29, Disney + welcomes to its catalog the live remake of the Roi Lion. The perfect time to discuss three crazy theories around the film. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

The Lion King: a worldwide success

In 2019, Disney surprised everyone by releasing the movie The Lion Kinglive remake of the famous 1994 film. And for once, it must be said that the success was dazzling.

Indeed, the film collected over $1.6 billion at the box office. Even in France, the film was a hit. He has even outmoded Avengers : Endgame. Unbelievable !

It also became the biggest hit of all of 2019. A real success for Jon Favreau, the director, as well as for Disney.

However, the film does not dazzle with its originality. Indeed, the plot is the same as in the original film. It deals with the exile of Simba, accused of the death of his father Mufasa.

Most The Lion King knew how to seduce its graphic quality. Indeed, it is made only of ultra-realistic synthetic images. A real technical feat!

Moreover, Jon Favreau had unveiled the only “real” shot of the film among the 1490 digital plans. This is an African landscape shot with the sunset. Nothing beats real life for this kind of scenes!

To (re)see The Lion Kingknow that it is now available on Disney+ since this Friday, July 29. The perfect opportunity to discuss three crazy theories around the film. MCE TV tells you more!

Theories in shambles

Since the creation of Roi Lion, the fans had time to create all sorts of theories, each crazier than the next. But some are crispier than others.

For example, one of them is about the big bad Scar. Surely you remember, he is the one who kills Mufasa, his own brother.

Besides, a rather cruel theory concerns him. Many fans speculate that Scar allegedly ate Mufasa after killing him.

Yes, hyenas do not eat lions in the savannah. Lions eat lions. Which therefore leaves the field open to Scar.

Moreover, an element comes to confirm this frightening theory. On his throne, Scar plays with a skull. Mufasa’s? Chilling!

Another theory concerns Mufasa this time around. According to some fans of Roi Lion, he would control time and weather after his death. Some clues leave doubt. For example, upon his death, the kingdom dries up very quickly.

Moreover, with each lie of Scar, the thunder descends, resulting in the end of the film a fight in the flames. Also, when Simba reclaims the throne, a torrential rain falls, saving the kingdom. Is this the work of Mufasa?

Finally, a theory explains that Zazu, faithful friend of Mufasa and Simba, would be a traitor. Being very attached to traditions, he would not have appreciated the rebellious character of Simba. He would therefore have made an alliance with Scar so as not to compromise the balance of the kingdom.

Either way, The Lion King is on Disney+. The opportunity to immerse yourself in this universe before watching le second opus. Disney wants to adapt it too. Case to follow!


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