The launch of AirPods Pro 2 is imminent, here are the news

Apple has a lot of products slated for 2022. And among those there would be new AirPods Pro. For the moment, it is not known precisely when these wireless headphones will be launched by the Cupertino company. But obviously, it is already preparing the launch.

This is indicated by an article published recently by our colleagues at MacRumours, who relayed a publication from Digitimes. In essence, according to this source, Apple’s suppliers would begin deliveries soon, in anticipation of the product launch.

Apple could launch the AirPods Pro 2 in the second half of 2022, other sources say.

AirPods Pro 2: what’s new?

As for the design, Apple should come up with something new compared to the previous model. And there are rumors that the AirPods Pro 2 might not have rods. However, currently, there is contradictory information circulating on the web on this subject.

As for features, AirPods Pro 2 could support Apple Lossless (ALAC) format. And the box could be equipped with a small speaker to help the user find it easily. Via the Locate application, the user could thus ring the box of his headphones when he cannot find it.

Analyst Ming Chi Kuo (an expert on Apple products that haven’t been released yet) is said to be very optimistic about the AirPods Pro 2: Apple could ship between 18 and 20 million units in 2022 alone.

By the way, this one also discusses the possibility of Apple integrating health features on its wireless headphones, but unfortunately it does not provide details on this. However, we can imagine, for example, that Apple could integrate movement sensors on its future headphones, so that they can allow monitoring of physical activity.

As usual, this information does not come from an official source, it should be treated with extreme caution. In any case, like the AirPods 3, the AirPods Pro 2 will be a very important product for the Cupertino company.

Currently, it still dominates the wireless or TWS earphone market. However, little by little, its rivals are gaining ground, offering more affordable and sometimes very competitive products.

Among these Apple competitors, there is the new brand Nothing, created by the co-founder of OnePlus, which is struggling to meet demand, and which could soon also compete with Apple in other product categories. , like smartphones.


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