The latest PlayStation 5 review hits European shelves

Lighter and with a new foot

Preview in mid-July in Japan, a new model of PlayStation 5 has arrived in Europe, reports Eurogamer.

This revision designated by the CFI-1100 series – against the original model CFI-1000 – is lighter than 300 grams (3.6 kg) and is equipped with a new screw for removable foot of the next-gen console from Sony. Indeed, you will not have no more screwdriver to fix the base, which is a practical addition ? We will just say “practical”.

You will understand, there is no question of a new model like an OLED Switch, but a discreet, but usual revision to improve console hardware. We wait impatiently technical analyzes who would come to explain this sudden weight reduction of 300g, since apart from the famous screw, no external element allows to differentiate the revision from the original model.

Last April, the PlayStation 5 was crowned as the fastest selling console of all time, despite the many cases of out of stock across the world (no thanks scalpers). In order to be able to achieve its objectives, Sony explained that it was considering an internal redesign of the console in order to feel less of the global semiconductor shortage which has been going on since the start of the pandemic. By changing components and design for the same result, the manufacturer hopes to be able to multiply sources of supply.

However, VGC reported last May that this redesign features a new customized 6nm processor would only go into production from second quarter 2022 (if not further). Until then, Sony believes that logistics chain will remain in tense flow and that stocks will not necessarily be more comfortable. The CFI-1100 revision would therefore not be part of this strategy which aims to increase supply.

Despite this, Sony expects the PS5 continue to better sell than the PS4 for a second consecutive year. Courage, hold on and you will have the next-gen console you dream of so much.


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