The Last of Us: Here is the first pic of the HBO series with Pedro Pascal (Joel) and Bella Ramsey (Ellie)

The filming of the series The Last of US should be completed in June. Screenwriter Neil Druckmann has just unveiled a first photo of this promising adaptation of the eponymous video game. The opportunity to discover Joel and and Ellie ready to face the zombie dangers of the ravaged United States.

The Last of Us HBO Pedro Pascal Bella Ramsey
The Last of Us HBO Pedro Pascal et Bella Ramsey

A gutted plane wreck appears in the background. One more stigma of the terrible epidemic which has plunged humanity into utter chaos. And while the world is teeming with infected, a few survivors are still standing, driven by a fury for life that drives them through thick and thin. Among them, the young Ellie and the experienced Joel. Both look at the horizon, ready to help each other and do battle against the monstrosities born of the apocalypse.

This is the feeling that emerges from the first photo from HBO’s The Last of US series. This program, largely inspired by the eponymous video game, will thus feature Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey who will play the roles of Joel and Ellie respectively. An iconic pair that many players have enjoyed playing, joystick in hand. And the latter will not be able to deny that this first image instantly plunges us into the atmosphere of the title of Naughty Dog.

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The Last of Us series: Joel and Ellie take on the infected!

Proof that the artistic direction seems to be taking the right path. Which is not an easy task. Adapting a video game in series or in film is often very perilous since it is obviously two very different media. Moreover, there will indeed be differences between the series The Last of US and the video game. New scenes and new dialogues were notably written for the occasion.

However, we can count on Neil Druckmann to keep the flavor of The Last of Us. And for good reason, it was he who made the cult video game before getting down to the series. In particular, it will be a question of transcribing as it should be the very strong relationship between Joel and his little prophetic protege. Know in any case that the shots will be spread out until next June. So much so that we will at least have to wait until 2023 to discover the final result.


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