The iPhone 15 Pro Max would become Ultra with 8K and an XXL battery

Each new iPhone release triggers the countdown to the launch of the next generation. And with the launch of the iPhone 14, rumors around the future iPhone 15 are already starting to emerge from all over the net. The generally accurate tweeters in their predictions @LeaksApplePro claims in a tweet that Apple will change its naming convention again with the iPhone 15 range.

Apple would thus launch four iPhone 15: iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro and… an iPhone 15 Ultra. The firm would thus have decided to substitute the suffix Ultra for the suffix Pro Max. A choice that is both logical and surprising: Apple has just launched a new reinforced smartwatch called Apple Watch Ultra.

iPhone 15: Apple would replace the Pro Max suffix with Ultra

But we also note that the name Ultra is already used by Samsung with its most high-end smartphone (Galaxy S22 Ultra, for example). One can therefore wonder whether this might not pose intellectual property problems. However, we quickly notice that since the beginnings of smartphones, other brands have already decked out their model with qualifiers that the latest iPhones would not deny, in particular “Pro” and “Max”.

With regard to Ultra, we can note that in 2022 ZTE sells an Axon 40 Ultra and that Xiaomi also uses the qualifier, for example for the Xiaomi 12S Ultra. Thinking about it, the change would therefore not be so shocking in the end. “Ultra” at the competition always means the most premium and innovative model. Which would correspond well to an iPhone “Pro Max” at Apple.

The name of the iPhone 15s is not the only info shared by @LeaksApplePro. As other leaks indicated, all four iPhone 15s will have a screen with the new Dynamic Island. But we also learn that this generation will be that of the abandonment of Lightning technology in favor of a USB type C port to respond to the arrival of new legislation in Europe.

In addition, Apple would still split the performance of the lineup in two, with on the one hand the basic models, embedding an Apple A16 chip (the same as that of the iPhone 14 Pro) and the iPhone 15 Pro / Ultra which will offer an A17 chip , the first engraved by TSMC in 3 nm. The iPhone 15 Ultra would have other strings to its bow, some of which will be exclusive.

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For example, the smartphone will be able to record 8K videos. It would also have a larger capacity battery, which would extend the battery life between three and four hours compared to the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Finally, note that the iPhone 15 Ultra will probably be more expensive than the iPhone 14 Pro Max. In dollars, the call price would increase by $100 “in the best case”says @LeaksApplePro…


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