the huge demand takes the builder by surprise

Last year, Ford formalized the electric version of its very popular (in the United States) F150 pickup. Remember that the Ford F-150 is a pick-up particularly popular with motorists, which has known no less than 13 generations since its first launch in 1948. Suffice to say that the Lightning electric version is eagerly awaited, to such an extent. elsewhere than Ford must already boost its production.

Ford boosted production of its F150 Lightning

Only a few days after deciding to give a boost to the production of its Mustang Mach-e, Ford announces that it is also accelerating that of its electric pickup. Remember that this iconic model of the firm will offer various very original features, including a reverse charge allowing the F-150 Lightning to charge … another electric vehicle!

Ford F150 Lightning

Ford explains that it has taken the decision to (almost) double the production rate of its electric SUV, in order to develop no less than 150,000 units each year. “And from this Thursday, January 6, 2022, the first group of reservation holders will be invited to place their orders for the F-150 Lightning.”Explains Ford. The manufacturer indicates that it has registered more than 200,000 reservations to date.

Obviously, faced with a very (too) strong demand, Ford has developed an order process in waves. Customers who have made a reservation will be called gradually to validate their order, and thus receive their precious pick-up a few months later. This first week of 2022 marks the last phase of pre-production, before the acceleration of mass production of the F-150 Lightning models for individuals, and F-150 Lightning Pro for commercial customers.

F150 Lightning

Ford is fully engaged in the segment, investing more than $ 30 billion in the electric vehicle market through 2025. Over the next two years, Ford aims to become the second largest electric vehicle manufacturer in North America. North. Within 24 months, Ford promises to have the global capacity to produce 600,000 battery-electric vehicles per year. Trembles Tesla!


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