the gendarmes we made him a little joke for his return to Earth

In his last tweet, the gendarmerie decided to react to Thomas Pesquet’s return to Earth on November 8, 2021. Not only is the astronaut the first European to fly aboard a Crew Dragon (SpaceX) capsule but as a bonus, for his return aboard the international space station, he became, on October 4, 2021, the first French to command it.

Suddenly, the gendarmes went there with their little joke – even if it meant slightly enlarging the line on what is part of their job: namely, fining motorists in the event of speeding. They have indeed noticed the excessive speed of the astronaut during his entry into the atmosphere, while promising, fortunately (!), To close his eyes to this manifest offense, all with a force of various and varied emoticons …

Thomas Pesquet came close to being fined for his return to Earth

We can indeed read: The #Gendarmerie close your eyes on your speeding ticket when you return to our dear blue planet 27,000km / h anyway! All kidding aside, we wish a safe return to #ThomasPesquet Looking forward to meeting you on the cow floor“. Thomas Pesquet was indeed spinning at an average speed of 27,580 km / h while he was still on board the international space station.

To return to Earth, the Crew Dragon capsule must therefore decelerate in the upper atmosphere, before being able to deploy its parachutes and land in the ocean. Most of the deceleration is done simply thanks to the aerodynamic shape of the capsule, which friction with the wind at very high speed. However, when the capsule enters the atmosphere at more than 20,000 km / h, the gases around it heat up so much that they become a very hot plasma.

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This is why the Crew Dragon capsule is protected by a heat shield. During his last stay aboard the station, Thomas Pesquet posted a number of funny videos on his Twitter account. Like this one, for example, in which he shows how difficult it can be to fold clothes on board the ISS.


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