The founder of FTX faces 115 years in prison, he launches a newsletter

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The founder of FTX, who potentially faces more than a century in prison, has found a new occupation.

Nothing really seems to affect the ex-billionaire. While his former colleagues rush to testify in court and validate the charges against FTX, Samuel Bankman-Fried quietly begins a new life for him which seems to include the creation of a newsletter!

SBF wants to speak to the world

If there is one constant in the FTX affair, it is the denials of its former boss Samuel Bankman-Fried. He swore it, and still swears it, he didn’t defraud anyone. To the point of pleading not guilty during his presentation before a judge in Manhattan, while his former colleagues like Gary Wang or Caroline Ellison have confessed their faults and cooperate with the justice of the United States.

And, despite facing eight counts that could land him up to 115 years in prison, Samuel Bankman-Fried has found a new way to defend his innocence. The businessman has just created a new newsletter on the platform dedicated to this Substack activity. And the content of the very first messages that were posted there will surprise no one.

The world must believe in the innocence of Samuel Bankman-Fried

I didn’t steal funds, and I certainly didn’t hide billions “, he thus immediately affirmed, without surprise, before promising future reimbursements. At least in the United States.

According to him, FTX US “ remains fully solvent and should be able to return all client funds “. He further added that FTX International would retain significant assets, which could be used for client compensation. A promise parallel to the recent announcement by the lawyer for the liquidators of the platform, according to which 5 billion dollars in assets have been recovered.

Faithful to the image of Robin Hood that he liked to present to the public, and despite the incredible scandal he caused, SBF indicates ” dedicate almost all of [ses] personal assets to clients “. What explains the renewed form of the house token FTT, the price of which has tripled in one week?

Source : Engadget


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