The Flash: the new superhero costume unveiled by the director

The Flash will only land in theaters next year. This does not prevent director Andrés Muschietti from starting to attract crowds. To do this, he just shared an image revealing part of Barry Allen’s new costume.

Filming for The Flash will finally start

Filming for The Flash officially started last April in London. The opportunity for Barry Allen to finally get a place of choice in the DCEU, after playing supporting roles in previous films. While the film is scheduled for November 2, 2022, its director Andrés Muschietti begins to raise the sauce. He thus unveiled on his Instagram account part of the new costume of the superhero fast as lightning.

A cliché that focuses only on the logo. And this one stands out strongly from the one Barry Allen sports in Justice League, being particularly prominent. The texture of the outfit also appears to have been altered. This one looks lighter, which might allow Flash to move even faster. Note also that the red is much brighter than usual. Like Shazam’s new costume, DC Films has indeed focused on the details. We can not wait to discover the entire outfit of Flash.

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The Flash: two Batmans will be there!

But what about The Flash’s screenplay? Barry Allen is obviously going to take a leap in time to prevent his mother Nora from being murdered. Except that this will cause big time problems. Enough to create and multivers. Flash will thus rub shoulders with two batmen. Starting with Ben Affleck’s Batman, which should appear in the present.

He will then be dealing with Michael Keaton’s Batman in an alternate reality. The latter could also act as a mentor for Barry Allen. The prospect of reuniting with the Batman from Tim Burton’s two films should thrill Dark Knight fans.

While waiting to learn more, please note that we have ordered all of the DC films in order.


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