The Flash: a photo unveiling Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne leaked

It is now established that Michael Keaton will play Batman again in The Flash. And while the film is in the middle of shooting, a first shot of the actor in the skin of Bruce Wayne has leaked on social networks.


The DCEU is far from having said its last word. The Suicide Squad and Black Adam will thus be the next films to hit theaters. And they will be followed by The Flash, which started filming recently. The superhero will thus finally have the right to his own film in the DC cinematographic universe.

We will be able to discover the result on November 2, 2022, the release date of the feature film directed by Andy Muschietti. In the meantime, the latter has already revealed a preview of the new costume that Barry Allen will wear. New photos of the shoot have also leaked on the Web. The opportunity to see Sasha Calle in the outfit of Supergirl. But not only.

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The Flash: an older Michael Keaton but still attacking

Indeed, a cliché also reveals Michael Keaton in the skin of Bruce Wayne. As a reminder, he played Batman in Tim Burton’s films released a long time ago: Batman (1989) and Batman, the challenge (1992). And it will therefore make its big comeback in The Flash which will introduce the notion of multiverse in the DCEU.

Consequently, Barry Allen will rub shoulders with two Batman in the film, that of the present camped by Ben Affleck and that of the past, thus embodied by Michael Keaton. And for good reason, Flash will go back in time to try to prevent the assassination of his mother. Enough to upset the spatio-temporal continuum. So much so that he will meet an old version of the batman. He will likely be able to help Flash tame his powers, one who has a lot of experience after having served Gotham faithfully for many years.

In the photo, Michael Keaton does not appear, however, decked out in the Batman costume. Will the surprise on the contours of her superhero outfit manage to be preserved until the film’s release?


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