The Fifty: Cloé Cooper should have participated in the show?

When she announced her departure from reality TV, did Cloé Cooper have to participate in Les Cinquante?

Would we have missed a new comeback in reality TV thanks to The Fifty ? At least that’s what Cloé Cooper suggested on Instagram. MCE TV explains everything from A to Z!

The competition continues in Les Cinquante

Competition, clashes and above all tensions have never been so strong in The Fifty. All the candidates still in the running intend to go as far as possible to win their kitty to a fan.

But, candidates know, nothing is ever taken for granted in this show. Thus, their place in the game is put into play at each event.

In the last episode, broadcast on September 19, 2022, fans have seen many clashes. In effect, Fanny’s departure did not at all please his darling, Jessica Errero.

And for good reason, the latter, wanting to save her at all costs, had made a pact with Maeva Ghennam. Pact that Greg’s ex did not respect.

Jessica Errero therefore did not fail to share her rage. “What is certain is thatfrom today war is declared”she confessed.

Fanny’s darling even ended up crop Vivian. and bref, the episode of The Fifty of this week was full of action.

That said, as the show spreads and grows, tongues are more and more loosened about The Fifty.

In effect, Cloé Cooper would also have almost participated. And this, while she stopped reality TV for a while. MCE TV tells you more!

Cloé Cooper should have participated in the show?

Thanks to The Fifty, several candidates have made a comeback on TV. This is the case of Amelie Neten, Aurélie Dotremont or even Christopher des Ch’tis.

But, a priori, some other reality TV stars would also have been contacted by the production. This is, at least, what Cloé Cooper seems to say on social networks.

In effect, this former star people from Marseille announced that she is retiring from reality television several years ago now.

“No, it’s all over for methis environment no longer appeals to me… sorry »she explained after the filming of Angels in 2020. It’s starting to go up!

That said, the young woman often has fun give your opinion on this world which was his. And when she’s not on TPMP, she answers questions from her fans on Instagram.

That’s how she said more about The Fifty. “I was approached to participateso you have the answer”she confessed, thus suggesting that she had declined the offer.

Eh yes, Cloé Cooper seems to have made up her mind on reality TV. She really has no intention of going back on her words.

But let these fans be reassured. She is always present on her social networks and often updates his subscribers. Do not panic !


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