The features of VPNs that are all the rage with Internet users

For several years now, VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) have flooded the market for digital services. Indeed, VPNs are complete software, above all designed for your security on the Internet. They therefore protect your personal information while guaranteeing your anonymity on the Internet.

But VPNs also go further, offering for example to browse freely by unblocking geo-restricted sites and censorships that are current on the web. So, to know everything about VPNs and to know the advantages of these tools simply and quickly, this is where it happens.

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A VPN acts for your security

VPNs are applications developed to ensure your protection online. But then, how does it actually happen? So that nothing bad happens to you, a VPN encrypts your web traffic end-to-end. Thus, your browsing data is not accessible to advertisers or malicious people. NordVPN, one of the most reputable providers in 2022, uses the 256-bit AES algorithm to encrypt your information. It is the most robust that currently exists.

On top of that, the VPN hides your IP address so that no one can trace your identity or location. VPNs allow you by these means to browse securely and 100% anonymously (which is different from private browsing). But for your online protection, some offer more features. This is particularly the case with NordVPN. This VPN adds options such as the Kill Switch or the Double VPN to the parameters we have just stated.

The Kill Switch will suspend your traffic in the event of an accidental VPN disconnection so that your data is never exposed. The Double VPN consists in passing your data through two servers instead of one, for more protection and confidentiality.

By the way, note that NordVPN is No-Log. Therefore, the company does not store any data relating to your online activity. And all of this is currently accessible at a very low price, because NordVPN is offering a 60% discount on its two-year plan and therefore goes from €7.29 to only €2.89 per month.

In addition, be aware that it adds Anti-Threat Protection to the subscription to ensure your safety against infected files, dangerous sites, unwanted advertisements or trackers. On the privacy side, this VPN is clearly one of the best you can enjoy. But this is not its only asset.

With a VPN, many other advantages are available to you

While VPNs guarantee your online security, there is more to it than that. As we quickly mentioned in the introduction, VPNs also make it possible to circumvent geo-blocks. And NordVPN is particularly popular in this area.

Indeed, this provider has more than 5,600 servers worldwide. These are located in a total of 59 countries around the world, and therefore offer you as many virtual locations. Thanks to this, you will be able to change your IP address and access content from around the world, wherever you are.

This will allow you to unblock a lot of geo-restricted content, such as foreign TV channels, Netflix catalogs from other countries, but also game servers, etc. NordVPN is also very good at circumventing government censorship, such as that of China or Russia, which are known to be very strict.

And even for beginners in the field, it’s all very easy to do, thanks to the VPN’s easy-to-use app. It adapts to PC, tablet, smartphone, but also Smart TV (the best VPNs for Apple TV here) and connected box. And let’s remember, this is available to you at a low price: the two-year subscription to NordVPN is at €69.36 instead of almost €175 in normal times.

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With such a subscription, know that you can connect up to 6 devices at the same time, in order to protect your whole family at no extra cost. Also, customer support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Finally, note that with NordVPN, you have 30 days to change your mind, thanks to the VPN’s “satisfied or refunded” guarantee.

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