The Eternals: Aftermath of Endgame Revealed in Apocalyptic Trailer

After Shang-Chi back to school, the MCU will continue to crack down on theaters with the release of The Eternals on November 3. These cosmic beings have a mission to protect humans from Deviants. And they will have to resume service to save humanity on the precipice following the events of Endgame.

The Eternals: New Trailer

The Eternals are derived from the experiences of the Celestials on the human race. But these cosmic entities endowed with unmatched strength have also given birth to the Deviants which threaten the existence of humans. The Eternals will then protect the human race for millennia. And they’ll soon be playing in the upcoming Marvel movie, soberly titled The Eternals, slated for November 3.

Directed by Chloe Zhao, it will take place five years after the events of Avengers Endgame, as confirmed by the character of Ajak (Salma Hayek) in a new, freshly released trailer. “Five years ago, Thanos wiped out half the population of the universe. The inhabitants of this planet brought everyone back with a snap of their fingers “, Ajak explains. Enough to produce the energy necessary to trigger the Emergence which does not bode very well for humanity.

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The Eternals have seven days to save humanity

The Eternals therefore have only seven days to come together to save the planet from apocalypse that will not make quarters. And they will have a hard time facing their long-standing enemies, the Deviants who can be glimpsed in the trailer. In this regard, the latter explains why the Eternals did not step in to help the humans in the face of Thanos or during “Other horrors of history”.

“We must not help humans, except against Deviants”, underlines Sersi camped by Gemma Chan. A rule decreed by the Celestials, one of whom appears at the turn of a fleeting shot (see the head of the article). Also on the menu of this trailer: snatches of frenzied fights between Deviants and Eternals who put into practice the full extent of their powers. Enough to wait until next November.


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