The Developers Of Stalker 2 Have Raised The Price Of The Ultimate Edition

The Developers Of Stalker 2 Have Raised The Price Of The Ultimate Edition:

Russia’s invasion has had a direct influence on the Ukrainian company working on the game.

Concerning Stalker 2:

Stalker 2 Heart of Chornobyl is an upcoming first-person shooter survival horror role-playing video game created and published by GSC Game World, a Ukrainian game company. It will be the fourth game in the Stalker 2 video game series to be published on Microsoft Windows and the Xbox Series X/S, the first game in the series to be released on consoles, and the first Stalker 2 game in 13 years since the release of Call of Pripyat in 2009.

GSC Game World, the developer of Stalker 2, has stated that the price of the game’s Ultimate Edition would rise in the coming days. Instead of an outpouring of fury, fans have reacted positively, with many applauding the choice & inquiring where they can get this version of the game.

If you’re not aware with Stalker 2’s Ultimate Edition, it’s the game’s most costly variation. Like many other AAA games, Stalker 2 offers various versions for fans to pick from. The Ultimate Edition is the most expensive, and it includes the full game as well as Season Pass access to all DLC, a steel-book, a letter from the developers, themed stickers, an art book, a full map of The Zone, a Zone permit, a military token, a Stalker figurine, a backpack, and a lamp based on an in-game anomaly.

The initial pricing for Stalker 2 Ultimate Edition was $339. The increased pricing, which takes effect on February 21, will be $379 for the edition. GSC Game World noted that the price rise is necessary to maintain the excellent quality of the collector things it includes. Considering the developer’s conditions, it’s not unexpected that the pricing of various things has varied as a result of Ukraine’s conflict.

You can see how much the game’s fans want to support it and its creator. Anybody who comments negatively and asks why the price of the Ultimate Edition cannot be maintained receives variations on the same response. The creator is working in a war-zone, but it’s amazing that they are still developing the game, much alone providing such a nice version of it.

The New Prices Implemented On 21st Feb 2023:

To maintain the required level of quality for all collector goods during these difficult times, we must sadly increase the price of the Stalker 2¬†Ultimate Edition from $339 to $379 “In a Tweet, the company said. “The new pricing will be implemented on February 21st, 2023. This will only apply to the Ultimate Edition; the pricing of the other versions will remain unchanged.

The sequel to the highly acclaimed Stalker Shadow of Chernobyl is Stalker 2. The series imagines an alternative past in which the Chernobyl tragedy produced a region known as The Zone. Within this zone, space and time are unstable, and only individuals known as Stalkers are capable of passing through it without succumbing to the mutants as well as other, more unknown, threats therein.

Date of Publication:

The launch is scheduled on December 30, 2023.


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