The controversial robot BRUTE soon to return to Fortnite?

The BRUTE robot, one of the most controversial vehicles in Fortnite, could well make its return to the battle royale according to several leaks.

In 2019, Season 10 of Fortnite Chapter 1 marked the arrival of a brand new and particularly powerful vehicle: the BRUTE robot On board this steel colossus, players had a colossal health bar and a Absolutely devastating missile launcher.

Frustrated with being one-shot by rockets out of nowhere, a number of players quickly began to hate the BRUTE robot, which fortunately ended up simply being withdrawn from the Epic Games battle royale.

But two years later, the Fortnite community is worried again. Indeed, several rumors reinforced by leaks suggest that controllable robots are about to land.

BRUTE robots on Fortnite

The BRUTE robot returns in Season 8 of Fortnite

He is one of Fortnite’s most popular leakers who set the powder on fire on October 2. Shiina has indeed announced her latest discovery on Twitter: a line of text in the game files mentioning a robot assembly station.

Keep this in mind: bots will likely be added to the game later this season, according to a line of text in the files! As of yet, it’s unclear whether this will be the old BRUTE robots or a new type of robot. We will have the opportunity to assemble them.

Subsequently, it is another key player in the Fortnite scene, HYPEX, who came to add some details about this upcoming novelty.

“To complete Shiina’s tweet: Yes, Epic is planning to add a robot assembly plant at the end of Season 8. But they also did this:

  • Robots now have robotic voice effects for voice chat
  • Emote props now have an appropriate size
  • Robots can now float on water
  • Better load effects ”

Currently, Epic Games has not officially teased or announced the return of the robots. We can therefore only trust the predictions of Shiina and HYPEX who have repeatedly relayed correct information regarding the news to come on Fortnite.

While the return of the robots, and possibly BRUTE, is now more than likely, we don’t have a specific date to tell you either. According to the leakers, the latter would nevertheless make their appearance at the end of Season 8.


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