The Closed Door Quest Within Tears Of The Kingdom And How To Finish It

The Closed Door Quest Within Tears Of The Kingdom And How To Finish It:

Within The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the Closed Door quest shows players some cool skills and game concepts that come in handy later in the game.

Even though The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom acts as a companion to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, it does a great job of teaching people how the game works.

Players who played the last game should know a lot about sites and skills, but the makers also make sure to teach new players about these things. There are a lot of lessons in the initial stages of the game.

As you play The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, you’ll work to finish different tasks. One of the first quests you’ll find is called “The Closed Door.”

This quest is a basic lesson that shows you how to do some of the basic things you’ll be doing throughout the game.

The Closed Door mission will take you across Great Sky Island, which is where you start the game. Those who have played through Breath from the Wild will recognize a lot of this concept.

But it also adds a few new ways to play, making it an excellent way to start your adventure when you go back to Hyrule. Within The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, this guide tells you how to finish the Closed Door quest.

All The Steps For The Closed Door Quest:

You will get The Closed Door mission soon after you try to open the entrance of the Temple of Time. This quest is related to the Discover Princess Zelda mission you get when you commence Tears of the Kingdom.

Shortly after you reach the door, Rauru appears and tells you that your Ultra-hand has not yet been fully charged and that you need to visit all of the sites on the Great Sky Island to turn it back on.

The aforementioned three shrines are all over the island, as well as Rauru will show you the way to the Ukouh Shrine, which is the first one. This place is west of the Temple of Time. To get to the top, you have to climb up the rock.

Once you arrive the Ukouh Shrine, the door opens so you can go inside to get the Ultra-hand skill in Tears of the Kingdom.

Getting The Ukouh Shrine Done:

The Ukouh Shrine is the first shrine a player will visit. Players don’t have to do much to finish these sites because they are so easy. They just need to use the skills they have learned to finish them.

Once players go inside the shrine, they’ll see a few platforms on the ground. To get to the other end, they’ll have to use their new Ultra-hand skill and the platforms.

There is additionally a hook which players must grab in order to sort of fly to the subsequent end of the next part, and that’s about it from this place of worship.

To Finish The In-Isa Shrine:

Players can go to the In-Isa shrine after getting the Light of Blessings. To do this, they need to use the Ultra-hand skill to make a raft and then go to the shrine.

Players will get the Fuse power from this shrine, which lets them combine things with weapons. Right from the start, players are going to be able to use their tool to combine rocks, which will let them break through the wall within front of them.

Then, to get shots, players need to break down the walls in front of them. A few of the trees in the area will have fire flowers on them. Grab them, and subsequently use your arrows to join them together.

At the opposite end, you will come across a chest on a ledge. You may hit it with your fire darts to demolish the ledge to unlock the chest, which will give you entry to the Small Key.

In this area, there is a mini-boss that can also be killed with fire arrows. Once that is done, players can get the Light of Blessing as well as go to the last shrine.

Getting The Gutanbac Shrine Done:

The last shrine is in a snowy spot and is called the Gutanbac temple. Players can stay alive within the snow by making hot fried peppers with spicy peppers that can be discovered throughout the area.

Here, the skill players get is called “Ascend,” and it lets them move quickly between levels that are above them. First, use your ability to ascend to the top of the shrine, then take the rock axe from the chest nearby.

Use the close-by boxes to get to the top level, find another chest, to obtain the Construct Bow. Drop the platform by going down and cutting the ropes.

Move forward using Ascend again to ascend to the upper stage. The final series of platforms moves, so players have to climb up at the right time to finish the shrine.

Finishing The Nachoya Shrine:

Once that’s done, go return to the Temple of Time. There, you’ll learn how to fast travel and how to use the Recall skill. Fast travel back to where you started, use your Ascend skill to get to the top level, and then use your Recall skill on the gears to open the door to the Nachoya shrine.

To get to the other side of the Nachoya shrine, players must use the raft and their return skill. When they get to the other conclusion, they’re able to use the cog’s “recall” skill to get a few arrows.

The next thing you’ll see is something that looks like a clock. When both of your hands are in the right place, you need to make use of the remember ability. This should open the door. Get the Light of Blessing and subsequently go return to the Temple of Time.


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