The cheats how already to arrive on the beta of Vanguard

As Vanguard’s beta started just a few days ago, gamers were very surprised and furious to discover that cheaters were already starting to appear, totally ruining their gaming experience.

As of September 18, players on all platforms can head to the Call of Duty: Vanguard Open Beta.

This version of the game offers four maps as well as different modes and several weapons to try out.

And even if Vanguard will bring a new anti-cheat system to Warzone at launch, it seems that we need to implement one also in the game’s multiplayer, since cheaters have started to invade the beta from the first few. days.

Vanguard beta is already ruined by cheaters

While Vanguard’s beta is only available for a few days, Sledgehammer Games is already receiving tons of feedback from players on things to fix ahead of the scheduled launch on November 5.

And among all these comments, many mention the appearance of cheaters. These cheats come in many different forms.

In this clip posted by ukjoel333 on Reddit, you can see that someone is already using an aimbot and thanks to that he gets to kill everyone through the walls.

Gamers are upset that cheaters are already a big part of the game and are concerned that the situation will get out of hand when the game is launched.

Although this is very annoying and spoils the experience of others, some use their cheats in a totally different way.

One player has been spotted wearing the Erudite camouflage that comes from Modern Warfare on their weapon. Although it could be a bug, players rather believe it is related to cheating.

So far, Sledgehammer Games has done their best to respond to issues as quickly as possible to improve the player experience.

So there is hope that the cheater issue will be something the developers will be looking at a few weeks after the game’s release.


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