The changes to the Warzone Season 6: Downtown map.

Warzone season 6 certainly just brought the biggest major changes we’ve ever seen on Verdansk. Discover all these modifications.

With the arrival of Season 6 of Warzone, Verdansk has just received what could be its last changes. With Vanguard fast approaching, there are only a few weeks left before the new “Pacific” map replaces Verdansk.

As a result, the Season 6 update introduced a handful of significant changes in order to literally shake up the player experience for the past few weeks on Verdansk.

From new locations to iconic locations that have been ripped to pieces, here’s everything you need to know before you jump into this new season.

Destruction of Downtown and the Stadium for Season 6 of Warzone

Verdansk Warzone

A lot of building rubble is strewn all over Downtown.

The first thing you will notice when you parachute into the sky over Verdansk is that two locations you are familiar with have been changed extensively.

Indeed, both the stadium and Downtown were struck by seismic charges, literally cracking the ground and overturning buildings revealing new areas below.

In Downtown, the streets have been completely uprooted and several buildings are nothing more than rubble on the ground.

Next to this ruin field, the stadium has also been reduced to rubble and a whole new opening is now accessible thanks to the explosion.

New WWII bunkers under Verdansk

Bunker Warzone

Verdansk is now home to WWII bunkers.

As for newcomers to the map, three new WWII bunkers are now accessible. They are located near Boneyard, north of the Airport and near the Duga Radar.

You’ll have to zipline underground to get in, but once you get there, expect to see plenty of high-level loot.

So keep an eye out for these bunkers which are likely to be highly coveted by players during your next games.

The first Gulag of Warzone returns in season 6

Gulag Warzone

The first Gulag of Warzone is considered by many players to be the best.

And to close all the changes that have been made to the map of season 6, Warzone has just experienced for the first time a big throwback since the very first Gulag has just made his big comeback on the Battle Royale.

While not exactly the same as when it was launched, Warzone is still close enough to retain the magic of the era.

The final weeks on Verdansk are shaping up to be very exciting and players are hopeful that further changes to the map will occur as the season progresses before Verdansk takes his leave after more than two years of loyal service.


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