The best warzone class of the XM4 accessories strengths

The XM4 remains a relatively viable weapon in Season 6 of Warzone. Take a look at our tips for maximizing the potential of this versatile assault rifle.

The XM4 Assault Rifle, modeled after the Commando from Black Ops 1, is a relatively powerful weapon at medium and close range in Warzone.

Indeed, for a little while now, many players have been using this weapon as a submachine gun due to its speed and damage at close range.

However, the XM4 is also capable of competing at medium range with other assault rifles provided it is equipped with the right accessories.

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So discover the best accessories and assets you need to equip for Season 6 of Warzone.

The best class of XM4 on Warzone

XM4 Warzone Class

The best accessories to use for your XM4 class

The best XM4 accessories for Warzone

  • Mouth : Silent Agency
  • Canon : Heavy reinforced 13.5 ″
  • Telescope : Microflex LED ou Axials Arms x3
  • Barrel accessory : Handle Field agent
  • Munitions : STANAG magazine of 60 cartridges

First of all, in order to stabilize the XM4 which can often wobble around when you pull, the Field Agent Grip is essential.

The Heavy Duty 13.5 ″ barrel improves bullet speed, range, and also consolidates the weapon’s recoil at the cost of some mobility.

The Silent Agency increases the damage range of the XM4 while keeping you invisible to enemy radars.

When it comes to the scope, the Microflex LED or the Axial Arms x3 are two great options for targeting your upper body and head more easily.

Finally, the STANAG 60 round magazine ensures you have enough ammunition to take down multiple enemies without having to reload.

The best assets for an XM4 class

trump warzone XM4

These assets are the best for the XM4 in Season 5 of Warzone

  • Asset 1 : No Run – When using Grav you want to be fast and unpredictable, and with the No Run perk, your Tactical Sprint duration will increase, allowing you to move around the map quickly. The speed for crouching is also increased by 30%.
  • Asset 2 : Overarming / Phantom – For this, use the strategy of using two classes. Choose Overarm for the first purchased Supply Drop, then Phantom for the second.
  • Asset 3 : Boosted – The speed of transition between your weapons is faster, as is the launch of your grenades.

There you go, you now know everything about the XM4.


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